Frequently asked questions

What kind of styles will Singsational Voices cover?

In simple terms, contemporary repertoire is vast but over the year SV will sing Pop, Jazz, Gospel, Musicals, World Music, Folk and more.  On occasions there may be sheet music but if you don't read music that's ok.  All songs will have harmonies and will be taught by Erica.  All the songs will be choosen by Erica however they will be enjoyable to sing and she will endeavour to have a couple of contrasting songs on the go at the same time. 

Do I have to audition?
No! Just come along and start singing!

I've only sung at home in the bath, will I be any good?
That's ok!  Singing in a group is incredibly uplifting and helps to build confidence for those who are a little timid,  Before to long you will notice your volume increasing.


As a new comer I may feel nervous being on my own, will someone help?

At Singsational Voices you will meet your 'SV Buddy' who is there to help throughout the session.

Will I have the opportunity to sing a solo?
Maybe! We will need soloists from time to time.  No-one will be required to sing a solo, but for those willing and able there will be opportunities. 

Is Singsational Voices just for women?
No. Men are welcome too! 

Can children sing in the choir?
The choir is from 16+ but exceptions may be made with teenagers if accompanied by a responsible adult.

How will sessions run?
Sessions are to start at 7.30pm (Locks Heath).  We will sing through until 8.50pm with a 2 minute water pause in between songs.   Tea/coffee or hot chocolate with biscuits is provided and an opportunity for a bit of a chat on the last session of each Term.

Do we learn choreography?
No but there will be a little movement on occasions.  The main focus will be on the singing! 

Are there sessions in the school holidays?
No.  Sessions run along side the school terms.  This includes no sessions during Half Term.

Do I have to perform?
No, you don't have to. If you just want to come along to sing every week that is fine. However, it is great to have a goal so we will do at least 1 performance each term. Most people will enjoy to have the opportunity to show friends and family what they have achieved!  However, concerts or performances will not become a huge commitment.

Is there a membership fee?
Your first taster session is free! 
All memberships is paid at the beginning of each term.  There are 6 terms in total over the year.  For more details please go to Contact Us


What you get:


  • 1 hr 15 mins of rehearsal time

  • Lyric are provided electronically

  • A cup of tea/coffee or hot chocolate and biscuits on the last day of the Term

  • Access to the 'Member's Login Page' where there are recordings of the songs with each individual parts so you can download and practice at home or on the move

  • Performance opportunities (optional)

  • Social events throughout the year

  • A choir session of singing, socialising, with lots of laughs! 


 Also see our How To Join page. 

What happens if I miss a rehearsal?
You will be able to catch up.  On the Singsational Voices website there is a members only area so you will be able to listen to any new or current songs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us through the Contact Us page with any questions.